About me

Let me introduce myself..


My name is Lesly. I am 29 year old All round Make up Artist based in Rotterdam.

My passion for make up and beauty started 7 years ago when my aunt gave me my first eyeshadow palette. It was a cheap glittery palette but i loved it because i never ever used eyeshadow before. Before this i dabbled in powder foundations and lip glosses but never got as invested in it as i did than.


Just like everybody i further developed my love for hair and make up with the arrival of YouTube. After dissecting every video i could find i started making video’s myself. First starting of with hair and fashion video’s, but this shifted into make up video’s.


Once i started working for a big Cosmetics company i was sure of a few things.

1: i love make up.

2: I love the creativity that goes into make up.

3: I love to help people see the beauty that i see when i look at them.

4: I love to make people feel happy.

5: Grey/ orange/ green make up should not be a problem anymore in 2016. People of color deserve just as good as a service when it comes to make up as any other race.


All these points made me decide to go into Make up Artistry and study for it.

After following and completing my course at the Teshura Styling Academy i was sure i wanted to do this full time. So i took the leap and never looked back.


Make up is more than just painting faces. Its about connecting to people and facing insecurities. It’s about knowing your true beauty and realizing make up is fun but never a necessity.

I enjoy make up, but it are my clients that drive me!


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